Industrial RH / Temperature Probes

Duct Mounting

The HPP4, HP40 and HP140 are Heavy Duty duct mounting Relative Humidity and Temperature probes with military style connectors. The insertion probe is made from stainless steel and the method of duct mounting is by Table E flange. The insertion depth below the flange is 180mm as standard but other lengths are available as an option.The sensor head is separated from the electronics allowing it to operate at temperatures of up to 100°C and pressures of up to 10 bar. The electronics however should not exceed 70°C. The Relative Humidity and Temperature sensors are protected by a sintered bronze guard as standard.

Application: The HPP4, HP40 and HP140 are ideally suited for measuring relative humidity and temperature in air conditioning ducts, environmental chambers, drying tunnels, etc.

Product Power Mounting SIL Downloads
HP140 Loop Powered Duct - Flange No


HP40 Mains Powered Duct - Flange No


HPP4 DC Powered Duct - Flange No



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