Service Industry

Our electronics solutions have been widely used in both the construction and service of buildings and structures.

The quality supply of services to buildings has a direct impact on the comfort and wellbeing of its inhabitants. Our Monitoring Systems are trusted by Building Management customers to continuously measure, monitor and control every service, and by integrating with our Maintenance Management System, we can automatically create job cards and have the maintenance team fixing faults before they’ve even been noticed!

From fire-mains on bridges to Fuel and Oil Interceptors on roadways, and Reservoir Dams, our range of instruments and monitoring systems are used to monitor all manner of structures.

Components used in Structures have a limited life that is influenced by environmental factors such as Humidity, temperature, wind, pollution and solar radiation All of these can be monitored and analysed over extended periods using our Sitewatch monitoring systems.

Our experienced developers can offer all the services necessary to take a product from concept through to full production.

We have Systems & Software Engineers that complete projects using our Quality Management System and regularly exceed customers' expectations.


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Providing excellent service to all our customers is what Lee-Dickens is all about. In response to changing customer needs we have continued to adapt our product range and equally the services that we offer.


Our experienced Engineers can offer all the services necessary to take any product from concept through to full production.  

Our Cloud Hosted Monitoring Systems and IIOT services are attracting more amd more subscribers, and our commitment to customer service means our support team regularly exceed customers' expectations.


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Our range of quality products is aimed at satisfying the front end requirements of the Instrumentation Engineer with Plant Interface Equipment, Sensors, Remote Monitoring, Signal Conditioning Equipment, Power Monitoring Devices and Digital Process Indicators.