Celebrating more than 60 years in business!


Design and manufacture of high integrity industrial and military process monitoring and control systems since 1962.

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Electronic process control instrumentation since 1962 for industrial and military applications.

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Remote Monitoring and Control of all types of asset, providing live and continuous status, ensuring maximum efficiency and reliability.

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Capability to design, prototype and manufacture bespoke equipment to customer requirements and specifications.

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Our innovative instruments and systems have been used by all sectors of industry for more than 60 years. From probes and signal conditioning, to monitoring and control systems, we have the solution to satisfy your requirements.


Our range of quality products is aimed at satisfying the front end requirements of the instrumentation engineer with plant interface equipment, sensors, signal conditioning equipment, power monitoring devices and digital process indicators.

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Single Level Trip Amplifiers

Dual Level Trip Amplifiers

Triple Level Trip Amplifiers

Quadruple Level Trip Amplifiers

Namur Ne43 Single Level Trip Amplifiers

Crash Alarm Systems


Compactor Monitoring

Flood Monitoring

Interceptor Monitoring

LNG & CNG Compressor Monitoring

Pumping Station Monitoring

Renewables Monitoring

Silo Level Monitoring

Water Level Monitoring

Computerised Maintenance Management Systems

Preventive Maintenance Planner

Services Availability Management

Battery Packs

Level Probes

Airport Monitoring





Sitewatch Anywhere







Introduction To Relative Humidity

Capacitive Sensors

Calibration Capsules

Duct Mounting

Wall Mounting

Din Rail Mounting Electronics With Remote Head

Duct Mounting

Wall Mounting

Duct Mounting

Wall Mounting

Level Controller

Level Probes

Level Controller

Level Probes

Level Controllers

Level Probes

Namur Ne43 Dual Level Trip Amplifiers

Stand Alone Single Channel

Multi-Channel Alarm Units

Isolating Signal Converters

Isolating Signal Splitters

Isolating Signal Converter With Built In Trip Amplifier

Multi-Channel Isolating Signal Converter

AC Current And Voltage Converters

Load Cell/Strain Gauge Amplifiers

Frequency To Current/Voltage Converters


Logic Level / TTL To Relay / Volt Free Contact Converters

Multiplexed Signal Converters


Sample And Hold / Peak / Trough / High Select / Low Select Amplifiers

Signal Linearisers Including Square Root Extraction

Programmable Isolating Signal Converter

Programmable Signal Lineariser

Programmable Rtd / Thermocouple Converter

Programmable Frequency To Current/Voltage Converter

Programmble Frequency To Frequency Converter

Programmable Analogue To Frequency Converter

Programmable Multi-Input Maths Function Module



Programmable Rtd And Thermocouple Converters / Isolator

Var Transducers

Watt Transducers

Combined Watt / Var Transducers

Mains Frequency To Current / Voltage Converter

Power Factor Transducer

Ac Current Transducers

Ac Voltage Transducers



Digital Process Indicators

Military Equipment

Sub Contract Manufacturing



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I've worked with the guys at Lee-Dickens for many years on numerous projects. They have always given me help, guidance and worked with me to develop ideas that I've needed to make our...

Jon Harman, Operations Director

Wartsila Water Systems (CNG, Compressors)

Lee-Dickens have provided us with our telemetry solutions since 2013 and our partnership is still going strong to this day. They have offered us a bespoke package to allow us to monitor our remote...

Nathan Jones, Customer Support Engineer

Airways Corporation New Zealand

Lee-Dickens Sitewatch RCMS and supporting MIDI & MAXI Remote Terminal Units enables Airways Corporation New Zealand to provide 24/7 monitoring of communication, navigation and surveillance...

Shannon Diack , Communications, Navigation and Surveillance Engineer


Celebrating a Milestone in our latest Defence project with Aquila ATMS

We've just wrapped up a successful few days factory testing the latest Sitewatch RCMS system, a project that marks a significant upgrade for the...


Rolls-Royce Bronze Award

Rolls-Royce Submarines relaunched their suppliers ‘Going for Gold’ awards process in 2020. Lee-Dickens have been collaborating very...


Airways New Zealand purchase Midi-10 RTUs to monitor Air Traffic Management systems.

ACNZ purchased a batch of Midi-10 RTUs in 2020, and having successfully deployed them around New Zealand have ordered another large batch for...

Case Studies

Barratt David Wilson Homes Flood Warning System

The semi-rural Romans` Quarter development in the market town of Bingham situated in the Vale of Belvoir is located 9 miles east of Nottingham and 15...

Case Studies

Feldale IDB subscribe to Sitewatch Anywhere

Feldale is one of several IDBs to make a small investment installing a cellular Telemetry unit at its pump station, enrolling in a subscription to...

Case Studies

Telemetry Solar Pack enables internal drainage boards to expand their management of water levels

Trial Success. Whittlesey IDB has completed a trial of the Micro Solar Pack, monitoring an irrigation channel near Easton Farm. The trial was deemed...