Trip Amplifiers

Dual Level Trip Amplifiers

Dual level trip amplifiers operate from a single process input, with a dual trip action which can be arranged so that the alarm conditions are triggered either above or below each of the defined set points. (Each relay can be configured as either a High Trip or a Low Trip). The relays can also be configured for a Fail Safe, (energised in the stable state to de-energise in the alarm state) or Non-Fail Safe (de-energised in the stable state to energise in the alarm state) operation.

We supply four models of dual level trip amplifier including SIL rated versions.

Product Power Mounting SIL Downloads
AA Block Mains or DC Bulkhead Mounting No


BD120 Mains Powered DIN Rail Mounting Yes


BM120 DC Powered DIN Rail Mounting Yes


T120 Mains or DC Eurocard No



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