Telemetry and Monitoring


Lee-Dickens are able to supply and install professional CCTV systems and where appropriate, integrate the CCTV into our Sitewatch Monitoring systems, offering single-click links from telemetry pages to live video.

We have years' of experience in installing CCTV in remote locations with video being accessed using 4G cellular data.

CCTV can work alongside telemetry / monitoring to provide:
        • Enhanced Site Security
        • Improve site safety, allowing monitoring of lone-worker situations
        • Visually monitor structures, gates, plant and manned spaces.


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Our innovative instruments and systems have been used by all sectors of industry for over 50 years.

  • Probes, sensors and signal conditioning. 
  • Cloud-based Monitoring Systems engineered to your specification.
  • Remote Control and Monitoring Systems.


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Providing excellent service to all our customers is what Lee-Dickens is all about. In response to changing customer needs we have continued to adapt our product range and equally the services that we offer.


Our experienced Engineers can offer all the services necessary to take any product from concept through to full production.  

Our Cloud Hosted Monitoring Systems and IIOT services are attracting more amd more subscribers, and our commitment to customer service means our support team regularly exceed customers' expectations.