Cloud Based Monitoring System

Silo Level Monitoring

Sitewatch Anywhere monitors tanks and Silos containing liquids and bulk materials.

  • Monitor new or existing Silos and Tanks.
  • View live levels and history on the internet.
  • Trend and export all historical data.
  • Receive Email & SMS alerts when deliveries are needed.

Lee-Dickens can supply, install and commission your system.

Our Analytics option includes Automatic Delivery Detection and Time Remaining estimation.

All levels are reported regularly to our Sitewatch Anywhere cloud servers using broadband or wireless communications.


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Our innovative instruments and systems have been used by all sectors of industry for over 50 years.

  • Probes, sensors and signal conditioning. 
  • Cloud-based Monitoring Systems engineered to your specification.
  • Remote Control and Monitoring Systems.


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