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Feldale IDB subscribe to Sitewatch Anywhere

Feldale is one of several IDBs to make a small investment installing a cellular Telemetry unit at its pump station, enrolling in a subscription to remotely view and manage its water levels via the cloud

No matter what its size, every IDB is responsible for water management within a designated area and Telemetry is an invaluable tool to help manage this process. 

In the past, IDBs have had to invest upfront for computer hardware and software, requiring IT professionals for the continued maintenance and support. With ownership comes the inevitability that both software and hardware will become obsolete, eventually requiring further investment. Historically, the cost and complexity of setting up the initial infrastructure meant smaller IDBs had been unable enjoy the benefits and convenience of Telemetry. 

With our Sitewatch Anywhere subscription-based Telemetry, internal drainage boards of any size can now have affordable access to their own Remote Control and Monitoring Application. 

  • No capital outlay for Telemetry servers or infrastructure 
  • Future Proof. No more concern with hardware/software obsolescence.
  • No Software Licences 
  • No need for an inhouse IT team to provide system maintenanc.

Changes in the farming community over recent decades have meant that where once a small labour force could be afforded, a single person may now be responsible for several holdings covering hundreds of acres. 

“As a Board Member who assists with the management of the pumping station and a busy landowner, my time is split farming several different holdings around the Fenlands and with new urban development appearing on surrounding land, there is an increased responsibility for me to safeguard land drainage. 

I approached Lee-Dickens on the recommendation of Whittlesey & District IDB. The tiered levels of subscription their Sitewatch® Anywhere package offered meant that I could choose an account option that met both my technical and budgetary needs. 

As the Chairman and myself help to maintain and operate the Feldale pump and do not live within the drainage district we would have to make special journeys to check upon the pump and water levels that is situated in an isolated area. The telemetry application runs on any device including a smart phone and so I can now remotely check the pump, day or night. 

An alarm notification service means visits to the pump station can be less frequent. The Board now have peace of mind that any rise in water level or pump failure will result in an email and text message. This will enable Board members to react and respond quickly to a problem before it becomes a risk to the surrounding community.” Michael W Dale, Board Member, Feldale Internal Drainage Board 


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Our innovative instruments and systems have been used by all sectors of industry for over 50 years.

  • Probes, sensors and signal conditioning. 
  • Cloud-based Monitoring Systems engineered to your specification.
  • Remote Control and Monitoring Systems.


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